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Infant & Toddler Programs


Educational Experience

Infants and toddlers receive lots of love and educational experiences throughout the day. Your child will have a "primary teacher" that cares for your baby daily. The teachers prepare their own age appropriate lesson plans that include 60 minutes of educational experiences necessary for proper development, that are overseen by the owner/assistant director. 

Experiences include but not limited to: 

  • Art Projects 

  • Introduction to Letters, Shapes & Colors 

  • Music & Movement, Songs 

  • Small & Large Motor Skills centering around RLC's weekly themes

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Lesson Plans

In consideration for Developmentally Appropriate Practices for this age group, all subjects are covered through the use of story time, finger plays, and song and dance.  Infants spend a MINIMUM of one hour each day for Tummy Time.  

Other activities/equipment used to stimulate development of the senses and environmental awareness include, but are not limited to:  Exersaucer, Jumperoo, Bouncy Seats, various noise makers, and textured toys.

Developmentally appropriate activities are based on medically suggested milestones.

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Daily Logs

RLC teachers will fill out a log daily for each infant from ages 6 weeks to 30 months.  We ask parents of infants to print a daily log and fill out the child’s:

  1. last feeding/amount

  2. last diaper change (what it was)

  3. time of last resting time/nap time. 

​Make sure to bring them in each morning with this important information so we can resume the daily schedule for your child. 


Literacy Portfolio

At graduation your child will receive a "Literacy Portfolio" capturing the year's memories, projects and progress, carefully prepared for you with the guidance of your child's teacher.  Year after year, parents (and kids) tell us they treasure these portfolios, as they provide a snapshot of the child's school days and development at that stage of their life.

Parents of Infants & Toddlers will Receive:

  • Happy Notes 

  • Child's Creations (Art & Projects) 

  • Literacy Portfolios 

  • Diploma on Graduation Day


Food Service

RLC follows the nutritional guidelines developed by the Association for Child Development.  Menus are carefully and nutritionally planned.  We serve breakfast, hot/cold lunch, and two snacks.  ​


Fall Programs

In the Fall, at the beginning of the average school year, Rebecca's Learning Center provides a stimulating environment for the young minds of your children. In addition to our daily lessons and "circle time", we offer many programs that we have carefully chosen to aid in the building of your child's education and knowledge. These programs are also fun for the children who enjoy learning in new creative, interactive ways!


Popular Fall Programs include:

  • Spanish at RLC: Throughout the school year, Rebecca's Learning Center offers a foreign language program. An outside company comes to the center and teaches Spanish to the children. 

  • Brainquest Workbook: Everyday from 8:30am-9am RLC works with children on an optional Brainquest Workbook. This workbook has many pages of helpful worksheets for the children to do to help them take that extra step in learning!


Summer Programs

Summers at Rebecca’s Learning Center are packed with fun, enrichment, education, and a variety of field trips for children.  Many of our former students return to join younger siblings and friends for Summer Camp as “alumni”, and a fun break from their first and second years of Elementary School. 

Every July/August and April/May we finalize our Fall and Summer Program agendas, so parents can pre-register and relax, knowing their children are all set to enjoy a variety of programs to keep them active, stimulated and entertained all year long.   

Popular Summer events include:

  • Stranger Danger Safety Week:

    • Police Officer Visit & Tour of Police Car

    • Safety Awards

  • Picnic / Ice Cream Social / Ice Cream Days: Please provide your child with a packed lunch with a beverage and an ice pack! We do not allow peanut products or hot meals. 

  • Haven Presentation: The children will be educated on the dangers of people they do not know and the difference between a "good touch" and a "bad touch". The presentation is done in a kid-friendly manner and is a great educational tool for your child to better understand safety. This requires parent authorization.


  • Cooking Week: Make a variety of special treats throughout the week!


  • Science Alive Visit:  Live parrots, turtles, snakes, chinchillas, critters, bugs, dirt and much more!

  • Pet Week: Bring your pet to school to meet your friends! (some safety restrictions) Sign up on sign up genius to bring in your pet to share with the other students

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